A “secret potion” so valuable and unique is found in the deep rain forests of Kona, Hawaii.

THINK TROPICAL!  A calming paradise with its pristine beaches and palm trees, Hawaii is considered a vacationer’s dream. 


A “secret potion” so valuable and unique is found in the deep rain forests of Kona, Hawaii.  Famous for its erupting volcanoes and ash covered soil, Hawaii produces a small and precious amount of rare sandalwood trees, which have become the number one trade and have healing strengths powerfully surpassing any others.


Sandalwood essential oil is processed and distilled in its purest form from the heartwood of the mature trees, a growth process involving 20-25 years before any harvest is ever possible.  The result is a pure and natural, healing product that cannot be mass produced in any industrial facility.


The oil is as famous for its calming effects as are the relaxing surroundings in which it is grown.  Its healing powers remove stress and anxiety, and it produces joy and increased mental focus.  It has also been known to relieve problems involving the throat, skin and digestive system.


Following are brief responses to recent inquiries regarding the benefits of essential oils.

Q:  How many drops of oil are considered a dose?

A:  Use only 2-4 drops in most situations, as certified pure, therapeutic grade (CPTG) essential oils are highly concentrated and up to 70 times stronger than many dried herbs.


Q:  How can essential oils be applied?

A:  A CPTG essential oil will reflect dietary labeling and can be safely and effectively absorbed by applying topically, internally or aromatically.


Q:  Are essential oils FDA approved?

A:   No approval required, as the U.S. Food & Drug Administration regulates and approves chemical ingredients added to products.  There are no chemical additives or synthetics in CPTG essential oils.  (NOTE:  Numerous prescription and OTC drugs originally approved as “safe” by the FDA are now being recalled at an alarming rate.)


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