A variety show will take place tonight and tomorrow night to raise funds for Heber High arts programs

As many schools continue to focus on their athletic programs and increasingly on standardized test scores, oftentimes the arts programs fall further and further down the priority list.  One young resident hopes to buck that trend.  Chance Donaldson, a recent graduate of Heber Springs High School, has put together a variety show scheduled for this weekend as a fundraiser for the liberal arts department at Heber Springs High School.


“Our goal is to raise money for the art department at the school but also to showcase the local talents because we don’t shine enough light on those, I think,” said Donaldson.  “The personal reason I’m doing this is because this is where I learned my art and how I learned to hone it.  I felt like I should give back before I left.”


Donaldson is an actor & performance artist and will be leaving to attend college this fall.


The event will take place this Friday and Saturday showcasing local talent with a variety show for performance art and will also feature an art gallery of pieces by local artists.  The lineup will include professional & amateur singers, local dancers, a champion beat-boxer, and performances by local actors.  Singers will include Chance Donaldson, Carlie Ludwig, Rhonda Englar, Carolyn Burral, Madeline Owen, and Lauren Goddard.  Acting performances will include local actors Chance Donaldson, Carlie Ludwig, Carolyn Burral, Lauren Goddard, Sara Kelly, Richard Nordscog, Heber Springs High School drama teacher Liz Yielding, Madi Fires, Haley Woolard, and Korl Cusick.  Cloggers from Grace Dance Studio will make an appearance and oratorical performances will be presented by Kathy Brown and Caitlyn Crowder.


Although Donaldson was grateful for the education in the arts he received from the school, he also recognized that focus and support for the arts programs was limited. 


“I just want to give them money to be able to go out and do some of the things I didn’t get to do,” said Donaldson.  “I want the younger kids to be able to have some of the experiences I didn’t get to have.”


This unique gathering of local artists from so many different art fields promises to be an engaging and entertaining experience that also helps raise money for an often-overlooked cause.


The show will be this Friday and Saturday, June 27th and 28th, and begin at 7pm in the old gymnasium at Heber Springs High School.  Doors will open at 6:30pm so visitors can enjoy the art on display.  There is a charge of $5 per person and children under 6 get in free.  All proceeds from the event will go towards the Heber Springs High School arts programs.