This week's local talent selection is a poem by Chuck Stinnet of Quitman

Each Wednesday, The Sun-Times will be featuring local talent with a special section.  Submissions can be a poem, short story (800 words or less), artistic photograph, or a photograph of a piece of art (painting, sculpture, etc).  One submission will be chosen to feature each week.  To show off as many of our local talents as possible, there is a limit of one submission per month from each individual.  To submit your work, email to  Emailed and digital submissions will take priority over handwritten or hand delivered material. This week’s local talent selection is a poem titled “The Storm” by Chuck Stinnet of  Quitman


The Storm

By Chuck Stinnett (winter 1986)


Love is like the changing seasons,

 the sun warms the love in our heart..

Then the skies grow dark and for given reasons,

the storm tries to tear up apart..


With all our might, we try to fight,

the wind and the pouring rain..

But we're deaf to the sound, and blind to the sight,

of the others' obvious pain..


So we run for shelter, away from each other,

and the love that was shared thru the years..

We may seek out the calm, in the arms of another,

cause we cant tell the rain from the tears..


Yes the thunder will come, the wind and the rain,

the cold and the dark will bring fear..

We may question our vows, to be all in vain,

and the reason God brought our hearts near..


But if we look far ahead, before skies turn to grey,

and realise the storms' soon to be..

If we fan our fires embers, and not look away,

through the wind and the rain we will see..


That the clouds will soon break, the rain becomes lighter,

and we really can't ask for much more..

For the grass will grow greener, the sun will shine brighter..

than it ever has before.