Discover your history at the Cleburne County Historical Society

Have you visited the Cleburne County Historical Society Museum on the corner of Broadway and Sugarloaf Streets in Heber Springs?

        This seems to be one of the lesser-known ‘Gems’ of Cleburne County.  The museum is located in the Frauenthal House, which is on the National Historical Registry.  The Society bought the house in 1997 and moved into it from a small back room in the Municipal Building.  Since then, the mortgage has been paid off, and the collection of artifacts and documents continues to grow.
        Many genealogists know about the treasure of information concerning Cleburne County found here at the museum, but the general population doesn’t even know the place exists.   One of the most used resources is the Obituary Collection.  This collection contains copies of most of the obituaries printed in Cleburne County in the past 100 years. There are thirty something indexed volumes and growing.
        Olmstead Funeral home donated a list of their burials covering about 100 years.  (From the early 1900s until this century, Olmstead was the only funeral home in Cleburne County.) This list contains a wealth of information for genealogists, too.
        A visitor who frequently comes to do research and, who has searched in different states and counties, said, “I’ve not found such information from obituaries in any other county or state.  This is a great place to do research!”
        Many county records have also been copied and the copies are filed at the Historical Society; these include probate records from the 1880s through 1949,
tax records, divorce records, etc.  CD copies of some records are available for sale.   Many publications are also for sale at the Society.  “Time and the River” by the late Evelena Berry is CCHS’s best seller.   It is the most concise known history of Cleburne County available anywhere.  She also wrote, “Sugarloaf Springs” which is more history and many more pictures about Heber Springs, formerly known as Sugarloaf Springs.
        This Historical Society is run completely by volunteers and is in need of more people to join the ranks.   There is an ongoing need, among other projects, for someone to enter information into the computer.  Volunteers are free to choose how many hours and when they work.  (Every hour given is a treasure to the community.)  The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 AM to 3 PM (weather permitting).