Maggie Batson, formerly of Quitman, is a little girl with big aspirations.

Maggie Batson, formerly of Quitman, is a little girl with big aspirations. Lest you think this hyperbole, here is just a short list of her accomplishments. At the age of seven she started her own company “Twice loved by Maggie B.” Maggie and her mother made designer jewelry from recycled materials, marketed the idea to local stores and now the necklaces are sold in boutiques from North Carolina to California. She has been featured on programs ranging from PBS’s “Biz Kidz” to Nickelodeon’s game show “Figure it out”. Later this year she will be appearing in her first feature film alongside Richard Dreyfus and Danny Glover in the dark comedy “Killing Winston Jones”. Maggie will play the role of Dreyfus’s daughter in flashback scenes throughout the movie. In addition to numerous philanthropic projects, including the humane society and children’s hospitals, she manages to maintain an almost 4.0 GPA, plays travel soccer and is the third baseman for her all-star soft ba
 ll team.
It is for these accomplishments and many more that Maggie has been chosen to be one of the thirty-six girls featured in Discovery Girl magazine for 2015. The leadership summit that she will be attending this summer pulls young ladies from all over the country who have demonstrated enthusiasm, personality and are worthy of being role models. The girls will participate in photo shoots and have profiles featured in the magazine. The magazine has a circulation of over 200,000 with a total readership of one million.
Maggie is the oldest daughter of Dr. John and Rachel Batson. Both her parents are Arkansas natives. Maggie’s maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Larry King live in Quitman, AR. Her maternal grandpa, Don Shipman lives in Mountain View, AR.  Her paternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Batson still reside in Little Rock, AR. Maggie currently lives in Richmond Hill, GA with her two younger brothers, John and Bobby. Her father is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon stationed at FT Stewart, GA and a veteran of the Iraq war.