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  • Brenda Erby Fudge: Pet 'parents' use essential oils

  • Humans are unquestionably passionate about their fur-babies and should never deny them proper care and attention for their health and well-being.
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  • Yes, pets are people too! And, if that’s not a documented fact, then it certainly should be. Humans are unquestionably passionate about their fur-babies and should never deny them proper care and attention for their health and wellbeing.
    Pet parents and veterinarians are certainly familiar with the famous dog whisperer. His you tube videos provide positive examples of his belief in the health benefits for animals through the use of pure, essential oils.
    Lavender is known for calming stressful animals, reducing excitability, and aiding to lower excessive movement while new stitches heal. It can also bring relaxation to the females during the birthing process.
    Melaleuca (tea tree oil) has been beneficial in healing the incisions and will often reduce scarring. Applying lemongrass, frankincense or lavender onto the paw has been known to calm seizures of epilepsy, and a hint of peppermint oil can often calm an upset stomach and reduce vomiting.
    If you get a bit queasy while cleaning their watering dish, just add 1-2 drops of lemon essential oil into the bowl. Your pet won’t mind the flavor and it’ll reduce that horrible, scummy build up that forms around the edges.
    Your ultimate goal is to improve the health and never damage it, so use extreme caution with essential oils. Often, the tendency is to over medicate, which can be very harmful as essential oils are highly concentrated. Remember, our pets can’t read!
    Use only certified, pure, therapeutic grade (CPTG) essential oils, free of harmful toxins and synthetics. Negative results have been experienced when a poor quality and impure product was applied and even simple misuse can be a culprit.
    Begin with the lowest possible dose when caring for yourself or your animals, as oftentimes, a mere toothpick dipped in the potent oil will hold enough to get the job done. Keep them away from the eyes and nose, and always dilute with equal parts of coconut oil. For the more sensitive type, consider adding the oils with warm water into an ultrasonic spa diffuser to experience the healing and soothing vapors.
    Let’s keep ourselves and our pets as healthy as possible. We want them around for years to come and we certainly want to be here to enjoy them!
    (Brenda is an active wellness advocate of natural, alternative healthcare solutions, speaking frequently to local groups and organizations. She owns her own business, is a member of the National Association of Professional Women, the Rotary Club of Heber Springs and Chamber of Commerce. SUBMIT QUESTIONS to the “Q&A” at brenda_fudge@yahoo.com or to PO Box 367, Quitman, AR 72131)
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