Pure essential oils are simply worth their weight in gold

Pure essential oils are simply worth their weight in gold!  Not only are they being recommended for medicinal use worldwide, but they “earn their keep” by saving us precious “do re mi”!

INSTEAD OF expensive foot powders and sprays, USE peppermint essential oil (EO).  Apply a few drops to the bottoms of your feet and before that daily walk or work-out.  Your tootsies will keep their cool while those sneakers stay odor-free.  If your feet insist on sweating profusely, just add a couple drops of cypress.

INSTEAD OF harsh hand cleansers, USE orange or cypress essential oil to break down and clean away grease and grime.  Both are perfect for stubborn, ground in areas, such as beneath fingernails.  They’ll also help to remove gum from your children’s hair and from rugs and carpets. 

INSTEAD OF artificial carpet fresheners, USE pure peppermint, lemon or even white fir EOs on the vacuum filter.  Just 20 drops of your favorite essential oil in a container filled with baking soda will create the perfect deodorizer, killing those invisible microbes that we’d rather not think about.

INSTEAD OF toxic pet sprays or powders, USE 3-5 drops each of eucalyptus, geranium and lavender EOs added to a cup of corn starch in an airtight container.  Sprinkle your fur baby lightly and brush thoroughly to remove those offensive odors while helping repel ticks.

INSTEAD OF dryer sheets, USE lemon, lavender or any citrus essential oil.  Just put a few drops onto a wash cloth and toss in the dryer.  Around the holidays the scents of cinnamon, clove and orange EOs are great for kitchen and hand towels.

INSTEAD OF nightly bedtime teas, USE a few drops of lavender EO.  Apply to bottoms of feet for children or adults, and try a drop or two on blankets or stuffed animals.  It’s highly praised for naptimes and used successfully on Alzheimer's and dementia patients suffering from sundowner’s syndrome.

These safe, effective solutions will be money in the bank!  Use only essential oils that are tested and certified to be pure, therapeutic grade.  They can be taken internally, used aromatically or applied topically.  They’re proven effective in helping reduce illnesses and are just as beneficial in providing a healthy, chemical-free environment for your home.

(Brenda is an active wellness advocate of natural, alternative healthcare solutions, speaking frequently to local groups and organizations. She owns her own business, is a member of the National Association of Professional Women, the Rotary Club of Heber Springs and the Chamber of Commerce.  SUBMIT QUESTIONS to the “Q&A” at brenda_fudge@yahoo.com or to PO Box 367, Quitman, AR  72131)