Arlene Anderson was selected as The Sun-Times Person of the Month for August

Arlene Anderson of Heber Springs was selected as The Sun-Times Person of the Month for August.  The following is Anderson’s nomination submission authored by Ina Brown:

“There are those among us that quietly travel along life’s highway taking detours along the way to minister to others,  never  wanting recognition or even a note of thanks.  Arlene Anderson does not view these detours as an inconvenience nor even difficult as most of us would view.  The depth of her compassion and spirit of caring are the catalyst that soften her walk in life.

A native of Conway County, she graduated from Center Ridge Nemo Vista High School favoring quality time on the basketball court.  She and her husband David, moved to Heber Springs in 1984.  She was employed by the Clinton State Bank at that time and later at the Cleburne County Bank.   As a favor to her friend, Jo Price, she came to ‘help out’  at the Heber Springs Area Chamber of Commerce on a temporary basis.  Fifteen years later, Arlene is, without doubt, the very core of that organization. In her quiet way, she demonstrates her dedication to her job and  willingness to serve others.  Many of the chamber special events and activities have been deemed successful because of Arlene’s unnoted leadership.  She truly is a gift to our community and can certainly be described as a ‘hidden hero.’

Arlene’s resume does not contain a long list of public honors, awards or even membership in numerous organizations .   What her resume’ could reflect is a long list of character references that attest to the many lives she has touched in a wonderful and meaningful way.

Arlene has a sincere reverence for her God, love for her family and patience & kindness for her friends.  May I encourage YOU as you travel your life’s highway to give  an abundance of  thanksgivings for the  Arlene’s that have touched your life.  Caring written by Parthy Ina Gossett of Jonesboro and with her permission, captures the road Arlene Anderson chooses to travel:

Caring                                                                                                                                      If I cannot give of myself don’t you see                                                                                 Life becomes meaningless so empty for me.                                                                        Time given to others to brighten their day                                                                     Brings a feeling of joy one can’t  take away. “                                                                       A helping hand an encouraging smile                                                                                Makes Life worth living and living worthwhile.”


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