We are continuing with our series of Cleburne County Dives with this month’s edition featuring Terry’s Hoagies in Heber Springs.  Located off of Highway 110 East, Terry’s Hoagies is one of Heber Springs most unique places to have lunch for Cleburne County citizens and tourist alike.  

Owner’s Terry and Morgan Brown have been working in the food industry for years and wanted to open a sub shop that reminded them of their youth in Michigan.  

“I’m from Michigan and there was a grocery store that sold the best subs.  It blew my mind.  We ate them everyday after school” said owner Terry Brown.  

In May of 2013, Terry and Morgan formed Terry’s Hoagies and they started off with not a traditional menu.  

“We started out with create your own menu and then it got confusing” Terry continued.
But over time, they decided to develop a menu that featured several sandwiches to help make things run smoother and help customers get the best for their buck.  

Though there are an assortment of subs, but nothing compares to one of their most popular items Terry’s Signature Spicy Cajun Hoagie.  

“It’s got inhouse Cajun Turkey we make and slice ourselves.  It’s got habanero cheese.  Which most places have pepperjack cheese.  It also has lettuce, tomato, pickle, onions, jalapenos, and homemade chipotle mayonnaise” said owner Terry Brown.    

If you’re carving a delicious sub for lunch check out Terry’s Hoagies at 425 Highway 110 East in Heber Springs Monday through Friday from 10:30a.m. to 3:30p.m.