For 15 years, Mike and Cheryl Shook considered themselves part-time residents of Heber Springs. Their main residence was in Stuttgart, where Cheryl owned a real estate company for over 12 years and Mike had an engineering company. An opportunity presented itself to sell not only her business, but their home as well. So they decided to build their dream home in Heber Springs. They have been full time residents now for three years. In 2015, Cheryl came to RE/Max as  their Principal Broker. Two years ago,  in January of 2016, she was able to purchase the RE/MAX office from Doug and Glenda Magee. RE/MAX was originally founded by Robert Joiner in 2007.

With eight agents and a full time office manager, Cheryl began to realize that while she loved the current location, saying, “I’ve always been a downtown girl. I’m moving to the new location because I wanted more exposure. I felt that by moving to this new office, was a way to take this company to another level.”

“We feel that our new location will be a better central location with better exposure to serve our buyers and sellers.” Cheryl added. They plan to be in the new offices October 1 with an open house  in the near future..

 RE/MAX offers branding that is recognizable all across the world.   Cheryl added that you can go anywhere in the world and see a RE/MAX sign.   According to Cheryl, RE/MAX offers all the training and marketing tools available to their agents and clients as well as a referral program, and extensive training platforms to better serve their clients.   Cheryl also added that she truly believes giving back to her community is what makes life complete and she knew RE/MAX was the company for her when she discovered they give back to the Children’s Miracle Network.    Cheryl is also a member of Rotary and  various committees to help promote Heber Springs .

Cheryl says the new location will give them the environment  to continue their professional service to their buyers and sellers that they deserve.   “Our clients come first and we thrive on providing that professional service.   Outstanding Agents provide Outstanding Results are words that we thrive on.

“We are all very excited to move to our new home.” Cheryl said. The agents that work with her are Glenda Magee, Cheryl Baily, Paula Sporn, Frank Barton, Denise Barton, Lauren Bishop, Judy Balderree,  and Brittany Cone is the full time office manager.

“I am so grateful for the support of my community, friends, clients, family and area businesses for their love and support of our new location and have been offering to help anyway they can.    Moving to Heber Springs was the best decision we ever made to be surrounded by such a loving community."   Cheryl said, adding how much she appreciated that.

Mike and Cheryl have four children, Sarah (Kevin) Barton, Emily (Tyler) Richard, Steven Shook and Clay Shook. Sarah and Kevin gave them their first grandson, Beau Barton.