Last week, I had the of honor of attending the second production of 'God's Favorite' by 12 Baywood Theatre in the Ground. 

This was my second time to watch one of their two productions and the atmosphere remained the same as the first. Delightful. Walking into the home of 12 Baywood, signing the guest book, and making my way into the basement, where the show took place, gave the production a “punk rock” vibe. No elaborate stage. No over the top sets. No professional sound equipment or lights. There were was just a couch, eight members of the cast, and a stream of lights for dramatic effect. That was all that was needed to bring the story to life for the audience. 

God’s Favorite is a play about a rich family man, Joe Benjamin, who is thrown into a wager between God and Satan to test his faith. 

It’s a comedy play, by Neil Simon. It was produced on Broadway in 1974 and loosely based on the biblical book of Job. 

Much like the previous production, God’s Favorite had a sitcom feel to it. Throughout the performance I was reminded of classic television shows I grew up watching as a child. Shows like Roseanne and Married with Children, but a much lighter and godlier tone. 

The script was funny. There were awesome one-liners that hit home by making jabs at modern Heber Springs social media sites and praising local businesses. 

The cast was phenomenal. They played their parts well, and in the performance I attended, they demonstrated wonderful chemistry with one another. They did a great job at making the funny moments really funny and over the top and the emotional moments heart felt.

Overall, God’s Favorite was spectacular. It was fun, funny, and had a lot of heart. I give God’s Favorite, a production by 12 Baywood “Theatre in the Ground”, a solid 5 out of 5 stars. 

Donations were collected for Breaking Bread.