Our local talent pick for this week is a poem titled 'The Storm' by Susan Ruland of Heber Springs.

The Storm  

The Coney Island kewpie dolls

chase monsters, angels, sheep,

as clouds parade their fantasies

and carry me away. 

No cinematic magic tricks

a grander story tell.

My eyes across this pageant sky

are humbled by the play.

God's Rorshach test turns navy blue,

blots out the blinding sun.

A moments menace smiles and fades - 

the cotton stage, Act Two.

The drummer picks up tempo as

the dancers make their moves.

Something's in the air that says

the author is not through.

Like angry Zeus directing fate,

a dagger stabs the sky.

The drama grows, the darkness blows,

the actors lose their will.

They scramble for position, but

they cannot find their way.

They tremble, slow, and huddle close.

Together they turn still.

The intermission over now,

the mass begins to move,

and charging on with thundrous voice

cries out about its cause - .

We come to bring you laughter,

refresh your thirsty world,

remind you of your heritage,

obey eternal laws.

And then the grand finale just

explodes across the blue.

I know the story's ending,

I gratefully applaud.

The parting clouds reveal to me

the rainbow's splendid song,

a signature and promise from

the mighty hand of God.

The Sun-Times is excited to feature our local talent from Cleburne County. If you have something you would like featured as a local talent item, send it to us. Submissions can be a poem, short story (800 words or less), artistic photograph, or a photograph of a piece of art (painting, sculpture, etc). To show off as much of our local talent as possible, there is a limit of one submission per month from each individual. To submit your work, email to jjackson@thesuntimes.com. Emailed and digital submissions will take priority over handwritten or hand delivered material.