I start a new adventure with the writing of this column, because by the time it is printed I will be in Heber Springs at the Sun Times. Who would have thought that when I returned to college 11 years ago I would be living and working in a dream place? I have always wanted to live in Heber Springs! Those who know me, know I am that person who loves the sun and all things water! I can’t say I’m a sun worshipper because while I do love the sun, I also love my skin. I have always tried to be smart regarding my love of the sun. I avoid being in the sun between noonish and 2-3 p.m. the peak hours for ultraviolet rays. I also build my tan slowly and yes I use sunscreen. I have pretty great skin and that’s because I do those things. Growing up I was the same way, though my SPF was probably 4 or 6. Now I reserve that SPF to once I develop a nice base tan. 

I am excited to begin this new adventure at the Sun Times as their editor. Wow! Am I really gonna be an editor? I must admit, I’m terrified. I fear what I don’t know, the known I’ve been doing for several months, it’s areas that I don’t know that bother me. Luckily the current editor, James, will be there next week to teach me the ropes. I can only hope I’m like a sponge and absorb it! 

I’ve found a really cute apartment that is only about three or four blocks, tops, from the lake! It is also, only about 12 or 13 blocks from my office. This is great! I can actually ride my bike to work if I so desire! 

I am really going to miss White Hall and its people! This is such a great community and I feel very fortunate to have been accepted into it with open arms. I only pray Heber Springs does the same. White Hall made my job easier by letting me know about events and inviting me into their lives. 

I hope they can fill my position in White Hall, not only quickly, but with someone kinda like me who has enthusiasm and a love to report the good news that happens every day in communities like White Hall! If you know someone who loves to out in the community, likes taking pictures and reporting on what is going on, Please have them contact John Worthen of the Pine Bluff Commercial (our sister paper) at 870-247-1420 today! 

I’m still going to be sending my Dawn’s Delight’s column every week to the White Hall Journal, as well as, the Stuttgart Daily Leader. So it’ll be like still having me around some. Admittedly, those who are “fans” of my column read it to be entertained by my zaniness and that’s fine by me! I guess I shoulda named this column Mi Vida Loco (My Crazy Life), but as you know I didn’t name my column. But Dawn’s Delight’s fits with my column just fine too. So as they sometimes say in the paper business, “See ya in the funny papers,” only in my case it’s “See ya in the op-ed pages.”

Until next time…