Lawrie Music recently competed for Cleburne County at the state fair in October for the Mrs. Division, which is from age 35-60 years old. She won the title of Arkansas State Fair Mrs. Queen.

Music told The Sun Times, “The contract is signed and I am ready to represent the state of Arkansas for events that organizations, groups or individuals would need me for. My first event was at the Christmas Open House at “Somewhere in Time” . I thoroughly enjoyed meeting customers, giving signed autographs to little girls and getting pictures with friends and even Santa.”

To compete contestants must  have Rodeo/Fair attire, evening gown, on stage questions and interview.

Interview is 50% of your score, one would wear an interview suit, Music’s was blue, the interview is only five minutes long and timed by a monitor. Judges are instructed not to ask any religious, current affairs or political questions. Contestants are not allowed to shake hands or have any physical contact with the judges.
Rodeo/Fair Attire is 15% of contestant's total score. Judged on overall first impression, stage presence and confidence are also included.
Evening Gown counts for 35% of contestant's total score. Judging is based on overall first impression, beauty, stage presence, personality, grace, charm, walk, appropriateness of evening gown and composite appearance. Then contestants are asked on onstage question and have 30 seconds to answer it. The judges look for her ability to answer confidently, as well as tone of voice, this is included in the Evening Gown score.
Rules for entering the pageant are:  For Mrs. Division ages 35-60 years of age, Married or widowed, must be born a female and reside in Arkansas for six months prior to entering the pageant. Applicants need to be a person of good moral character, affirms that she has not committed and will not commit any act inconsistent with the highest standards of public morals and conventions that would reflect unfavorably on the Mrs. Arkansas State Fair Queen Competition, its representatives and sponsors.

There was a total of four queens, Teen, Miss, Mrs., and Sr. Mrs.
Duties include attending various meetings such as the Arkansas Fair Managers Association, Arkansas Livestock Show Association, Arkansas Hospitality Convention, Arkansas State Fair Media luncheon, County and District Fairs, parades and other appearances at events throughout the year.
Music said, “I would love to have schools invite me to come read to the children. I am hoping to get on the Library’s schedule to read during one of their events.”

If you would like Music to come to your organization or school email her at: