The Rotary Club of Heber Springs regathered on January 3 for its first noon meeting of the new year.  Amanda Brogdon of the Little Red River Foundation, accompanied by Carol Ballard and Brad Skelton, were Tuesday's special guests. 

Brogdon holds numerous degrees and currently teaches at the Heber Springs Middle School and High School.  She also serves on the Board of Directors for the Arkansas Wildlife Federation and on the AGATE Board.  Brogdon spoke of the mission and goals of the Little Red River Foundation, stating that the Foundation receives no state or federal funding, and relies solely on contributions, corporate grants and annual memberships.  The Little Red River produces tourism as well as employment for the local community, and the Foundation is dedicated to protecting and preserving the river's resources and natural beauty. 

Brogdon reported on several Foundation projects designed to improve the excellent trout fishing along the river and near the Greers Ferry Dam.  She stated that many school students and local residents serve as volunteers on several of the Foundation's projects, including the annual camping event, the river clean up program, and the recycling of dangerously discarded fishing line. 

For further information on the Little Red River Foundation, or to contribute to their preservation programs, view their website at or email them at