On February 3, 2017, Cleburne County Cares held their groundbreaking activities for their new Food Pantry, Warehouse, and Offices. The building will be about 5,000 square feet and should be complete within the next six months. This new Food Pantry will include a self-serve food pantry that will allow clients to select food that they will use. Cleburne County Cares currently supplies seven days worth of food to approximately 450 individuals. Once the Food Pantry is complete, Cleburne County Cares will begin the remodel of their Thrift Store. The remodel will double the current space of the Thrift Store, which provides for 85% of the money for all Cleburne County Cares’ programs.  

The groundbreaking activities for the new Food Pantry brought a multitude of supports to participate in the expansion of Cleburne County Cares. Once their facilities have been expanded, Cleburne County Cares will need additional volunteers. If you have three hours a month of free time, consider volunteering at Cleburne County Cares. If you’re interested in volunteering, call 501-362-9704 for more information.  

Pictured is the Cleburne County Cares Board of Directors. From left to right (holding shovels): Bobby Hargis: Interior Executive Director, Joe Tournear: President, Rev. George Petry: Advisory Board President, Bobby Brittain, Deacon Bob Morris, Nelda Kennedy, Irma Prentice: Secretary.