Quitman Schools has announced that Quitman High School, partnering with the Arkansas Department of Career Education, with help from the Arch Ford Cooperative has been chosen as the one of only two schools in Arkansas to receive a virtual reality system that lets schools “bring to life” abstract and often difficult-to-explain classroom material. QHS will receive a grant of over $50,000 from zSpace in equipment plus professional development to be used in our CTE (Career and Technical Education), health science, and health classrooms .

zSpace, a technology company from California has created technology stations that consist of large screens connected to PCs that teachers and students can use with special 3-D glasses and a stylus pen. When kids put on the glasses, images appear in 3-D. Cameras on the screen track the user’s head movement, letting them move closer to get a better view of objects. The stylus lets users pick up things and see them from every angle.

The technology brings a virtual world to the classroom in a shareable way that's both engaging and easy to use. Now, instead of learning about the heart through animated pictures with labels and plastic models, anatomy students can view a virtual heart and look inside it, turn it around, speed up the heart rate, camera view into the center and peel back sections for all to see. Until now these experiments and this type of learning were impossible for teachers to demonstrate in the classroom. That’s all about to change for the students at Quitman High School.