Dear Editor, 

In answer to Mike Bertalot (whose entire column was a critique of my letter). First, I apologize that I didn't know the exact number of popular votes by which Hillary Clinton won the election. But, even by your numbers - 2,864,974 more than Trump, I say that was a great victory! 

Thank you for all the many details proving why the Electoral College in unfair and unconstitutional. Because you and I live in the poor state of Arkansas, our votes did not count. 

I hope we can legitimately eliminate the Electoral College crap, and allow every American to vote, and every vote to be counted. 

I was born American (in Quitman, Arkansas), 87 years ago. So with a 'hissy fit' now and then, and my panties exactly where they belong, I'm still fighting for the right to vote, and my vote to be counted, wherever I live or my financial status. 

Nora Jackson

Heber Springs