Golf department director Tom Heffer said recently that Village golf courses are at the top of the list for Arkansas State Golf Association (ASGA) course re-rating.
When that will happen, is unknown. “We’d like to have them done as soon as possible,” Heffer said, then added it would be nice to get them all re-rated in one year.
Heffer went on to say the ASGA will try to re-rate all eight courses, but there are not many folks qualified to do the rating.
According to Heffer, Bryant Fortin of ASGA has said a rating team is not quite ready to begin the re-rating process here in the Village. When they are, ASGA will contact the course superintendents, who will then inform Heffer. “We’re at the mercy of what ASGA says, but they promised we are number one (on the list),” said Heffer.
After ASGA rates a course, it is then reviewed by USGA for accuracy as rating courses has now become a worldwide process.
Asked if yardages would change, he said not necessarily. Asked what percentage of golfers would be affected, Heffer estimated the number at one to two percent. After rating is completed, the information will be sent to GHIN and scorecards and the Property Owners’ Association website will be updated.
Heffer said the Village courses are mature and re-rating may change the numbers, but most likely there won’t be any drastic change in rating, either up or down. The new course ratings are sent to GHIN as soon as possible, but a golfer’s handicap is based on the scores he/she puts into the system.
Accurate GHIN numbers are given when a golfer submits all rounds, low and high.
As for which courses he’d like to see completed first, Heffer said, in no particular order, Cortez, Magellan, Ponce and DeSoto.
Heffer added that rating a course is a very detailed process and takes all day, from sunup to sundown.
Among many factors are height of trees, width of fairway, obstacles and more.
Heffer said when he receives word from ASGA about Village course re-rating, he will inform the Voice.