Working in animal welfare can be tough, but it takes the right person to have the compassion, patience, and heart to jump into the business and thrive. Luckily, the Heber Springs Humane Society has found the right person for the job and it’s Wendy Hosman.

Born May 1978 in Littleton, Colorado, Wendy grew up in the small town of Elizabeth, Colorado, where her love for animals took form.

“I’ve rescued animals ever since I was little,” said Hosman.

In her high school years, she entered into a veterinary technician program through her school. While studying in the program, she got her first job as a veterinary technician.

After graduating high school, she attended Colorado Mountain College studying to become a fully certified veterinary technician, but after a year she decided to take a break from that line of work and move to Aurora, Colorado to begin working for a financing company. Shortly after she began working in Aurora, she found herselfpromoted to the company’s customer service manager.

She worked for the financing company in Aurora for quite some time before taking the opportunity of a lifetime. Wendy left Colorado and moved to Spokane, Washington to take an internship at Cat Trails Zoological Park, an exotic cat refuge.

“We learned basic medical care for the cats and educated the public about exotic cat conservation.”

After learning as much as she could and finishing the internship at Cat Trails, Wendy moved back to Colorado to begin working as a veterinary technician for another veterinary office before deciding to venture moving to Arkansas.

Once she and her family moved to Arkansas, she got a job working as a vet tech in Vilonia before deciding to take a job at the Heber Springs Humane Society.

“I started here in 2007 as a kennel technician,” she said.

Less than a year later, she worked her way up to Heber Springs Humane Society manager, but in 2011, she left the Humane Society to be at home with her children. During her absence from the shelter, she volunteered at the Greenbrier spay and neuter clinic as a veterinary technician until she made her return to the Heber Springs Humane Society.

In 2014, she returned as the shelter manager. Since her return, Wendy has been instrumental in launching new programs to help with educating the public, keep shelter euthanization at and all-time low, and launching community wide programs for spaying and neutering pets for low-income families.

Over the years, her work has extended pass dogs and cats. She has partnered with horse rescues, help rehabilitate wildlife, and much more.