Several community organizations have the goal of bettering the lives of the people in our area. These groups are largely composed of volunteer servants, citizens who see a need around them and then respond with action. It is easy to point out community problems or conditions that need attention; what is difficult is to find persons eager and willing to put good ideas into action. Just ask those who organize volunteer work. 

Community volunteers, in aggregate, give hundreds of hours of dedicated service each week. These, the best of our citizens, could be spending their free time (often retirement days) pursuing personal interests. But they see that they can contribute, that today's activists can make the world a better place for future citizens. They should be regularly recognized for their efforts and offered a heartfelt "thank you".

"12 Baywood -- Theatre in the Ground" is only one of several groups offering the fruits of its efforts to those local community organizations that have made it their goal to help build better lives for our citizens. When 12 Baywood has done a theatrical production, any donations given by the audiences at those events are dedicated to such organizations as The Other Side, EdenSong Chorale -- and with its recent production of the Neil Simon play "God's Favorite", Breakin' Bread received $1,248 from the theatrical group. 

If your organization would like to be considered as a recipient of 12 Baywood's efforts, call or text 501 206 6868 for more details.