Hard won battles of recovery require team work, lifestyle changes, and determination to succeed. To commemorate that success, the Cleburne County Drug Court will hold the first annual Drug Court Outrageous Olympics. Coinciding with National Drug Court Month, this event marks the commitment of the participants to an intensive recovery based plan of combined substance abuse treatment, close supervision, and full accountability. Treatment courts are the nation’s most effective strategy at reducing recidivism among substance-addicted, nonviolent offenders with criminal histories. Nationally, 75% of individuals who complete such programs are not re-arrested. These courts save up to $13,000 for every individual they serve and return as much as $27 for every $1 invested. The Drug Court Outrageous Olympics is a celebration of Drug Court, but beyond that it is a celebration of the sobriety and recovery in our community.

The event will be held Saturday, May 27 at Spring Park in Heber Springs, between 10 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. This event is open to the public so that they may cheer on the Drug Court individuals Olympic style. Dignitaries, Honorary Guests, Family, and Friends will be in attendance and all are welcomed to watch the whacky games that will unfold, eat delicious food, and enjoy some uplifting music. Food will be provided to the public at no cost. Free hot dogs and chips will be offered by Brother’s Keeper. Live entertainment will be provided by the talented Grace Stormont, Peyton Tristynn Loeschner & The Imagine That Band, and Damascus Road Band and many other gifted musicians. Many local organizations that help to make the journey to recovery possible will be present to join the festivities including Recovery through Christ, Celebrate Recovery, Proverbs 31, The Hedge, Friends Recovery, The Other Side, Brother’s Keeper, and Freedom Way, and more. The struggle against addiction is a battle of Olympic proportions, but it can and is being won every day! Join us for The Outrageous Olympics - where team work and determination are met with mental & physical challenges that require the same fortitude fought and won through recovery.