The City of Heber Springs is recognizing the Public Works Department for National Public Works Week. The Public Works Department consists of sanitation, street, and animal control. In part one of this two part series, we will focus attention on the sanitation division of the department. 

The sanitation division is responsible for picking up residential and commercial trash within city limits. 

Each day at Public Works begins at 6 a.m. with the commercial driver starting the route emptying businesses dumpsters. 

“We can get a least 30 dumpsters a day,” said Public Works employee Daniel Yates. 

By 7 a.m., the residential crew begins the set route for that specific day. Most of the time, the residential crew consists of two trash trucks with three individuals operating each truck. One driver and two on the back of the truck emptying residential trash cans. 

When available, the city works with the Cleburne County Detention Center allowing inmates who qualify for work release to ride the back of the trucks. 

The City of Heber Springs also offers a free recycle program for city citizen. The recycle driver will come by and pick up recyclables the day after the citizen's normal trash day. Public Works asks that each citizen participating in the recycle program to be sure to separate their cardboard, plastics, and paper. Despite common misconception, the City of Heber Springs makes very little money by taking the recyclables to the Waste Connection Recycle Department for processing. The city also recycles electronic waste, such as old televisions and computers. 

“We ship the electronics to Texarkana to a prison system to be stripped for gold and copper. It helps the environment by removing lead from the electronics and keeping them out of the land fields,” said the sanitation lead man Jeff Ashmore. 

How can you help the sanitation crew by making sure all trash is collected properly? 

“Always have your trash out by 7a.m.,” said Heber Springs Public Works Director Marty Martelli. “If it’s out by 7a.m., you will never be late and the trash men will never be early."