The City of Heber Springs is continuing to recognize the Public Works Department for National Public Works Week. As part two and final part of our feature recognizing National Public Works Week, we will highlight the Heber Springs Street Division. 

The Street Division is responsible for cleaning and maintaining city streets, removal of residential leaves and limbs, repairing damaged streets, maintaining overgrowth on city property, and maintenance of city and residential culverts. 

The street team begins each day by dividing in groups of two to tackle different projects throughout the city. 

Two individuals begin working on checking culverts and inspecting the streets for damage, another team begins the day by operating the industrial leaf vacuum, and another team works on picking up loose limbs, weed eating and mowing city side streets. 

“We weed eat the whole town at least three or four times a year” said Heber Springs Public Works employee, Desmond Wade. 

Along with weed eating and mowing, the City of Heber Springs also offers a free limb and leaves pick up service for city residents. City employee John Richie operates the International Knuckle Boom truck. The Knuckle Boom is responsible for picking up brush and limbs throughout the city. 

“We average about four loads a day so, it’s about 20 loads of brush a week” said city employee, John Richie. 

The Street Division is also responsible for maintaining and cleaning culverts within the city limits. 

“Sometimes we can go two or three weeks without cleaning any culverts then when it rains, we could have five or six in a week” said city employee, Aaron Fletcher. 

Often times, when storms pass through, culverts will get built up with debris such as leaves, limbs, and trash. The street team will come out and clean out the culverts allowing any water to pass through properly. Sometimes, the storms will destroy the culverts. When this happens, the city will replace them at property owner’s expense. 

“The last flood we had washed out several culverts and we had to replace them” continued Fletcher. 

The city also offers free mulch for the public. The Public Works Department will load the mulch for an individual(s) from 7:15am to 7:45am and from 12:30pm to 1:00pm Monday through Friday. 

The Public Works Department is made up of sixteen employees. 

“It’s an incredible amount of work and responsibility for only sixteen people” said the City of Heber Springs Public Works Director, Marty Martelli. 

Looking for mulch? They’ve got you covered. The Public Works Department will give away free mulch to the public. If you show up between 7:30 and 12:30, they will load it for you. After that, you’ll have to load it yourself from the available mulch piles.