Upon his release from jail in February of 2015 he wanted to give back to the community of Concord, the community he says he took so much from, including committing murder at the age of 16.

Living with drug addiction can be a cycle that is almost impossible to break. Jason Sprouse knows this first hand. For 25 years he lived in addiction and in his own words, “Did every bad thing a person can do.” While in jail in Cleburne County on drug charges, he cried out to God and, “He heard me.”

Upon his release from jail in February of 2015 he wanted to give back to the community of Concord, the community he says he took so much from, including committing murder at the age of 16.

Sober since his release, the Lord laid on his heart that if he went back to the same old places, he would end up with the same problems. He went to the men of his church, asked what he should do and they prayed with him. One of them told him why don't you come over here with us? He provided Sprouse with a Christian home to live in while he got on his feet, gave him a ride to and from work, ate at his table and gave him gas money if he needed it and studied the Bible with him. The man’s name is Samson Goodwin and Sprouse says they are still the best of friends. Sprouse is still in the same church with them. Goodwin was a jail minister who came in and helped Sprouse continued. He worked at The Other Side for about a year and helped it get on it’s way.

“I continued to feel the Lord leading me back to Concord, the town I had taken so much from.” Sprouse says he began talking with the co-founder of the Hedge ministry, Carl Cooper. They have walked the same road and literally, took the same ride to jail. “At different times in jail we both cried out to God,” Sprouse says, “Over the 25 year battle of addiction. When we both got out of jail, we had our eyes on Jesus.”

Sprouse said they ran 110 miles per hour for the devil and it was only right they should run just as hard, if not more for the Lord, who pulled them out of addiction. They wanted to spread the news that Jesus Christ has the power to restore and the power to deliver you from addiction, whether it's drugs or alcohol.

So after renting a house, they decided what they would do is after a people took the proper steps and showed the initiative to change their life through dedication to Christ, if they were in that same spot that Sprouse was in that he would help them like he was helped. So to make it official they filed for 501c3 status and it was granted the first month. This is unheard of when it comes to obtaining 501c3 status.

“We are an official Christian non-profit ministry. We have a three bedroom house with five beds, and have room for five graduates of faith based programs. We have an on-sight home supervisor, or house dad, as I call him, Todd Mueller. It is his dedication to the ministry why he stays there. We have a schedule, on Monday nights we go to Bible study at John 3:16 ministries, on Tuesday we have an in-house Bible study. Wednesday is church at First Baptist in Concord. Thursday I lead a Bible study at First Baptist in Concord. On Friday, we go to Celebrate Recovery in Batesville at Believers Church, Saturday is a Family Day or The Other Side ministry. On Sunday, it’s church two times. We give back to the community, we have assisted in a coat drive for Concord public schools,we have spoke to an entire assembly of the high school at Concord. We delivered and helped prepare Thanksgiving Dinners for anyone in need in Concord, we have paid utility bills, helped people with rides to work and help fill any need in the community.”

They have fundraisers such as selling t-shirts which say Hedge Ministry, We Deal Hope. It is a play on words, yet Sprouse says it is catchy.

They have had nine men who have gone through the John 3;16 program, have found jobs and are saving to be able to support themselves. It is normally a three month program.

On June 17 from 6-8 p.m., they will be holding a one year anniversary celebration at First Baptist in Concord with music from Grace Stormont. They are going to have testimonies from the graduates of the program. “We are so fortunate to be supported by First Baptist in Concord.” Says Sprouse. There will also be free Bbq served, but donations are accepted.