Diamante MGA

June 7 - 2-Man Better Ball                  
Flight 1 - Gross
Dennis Cox/Blake Cameron - 70
Gerald Fairchild/Steve Homley - 73
Flight 1 - Net
Charlie Johnson/Millard Smith - 65
Ed Simmons/Galen Poss                    - 66
Flight 2 - Gross
Dave Economon/Chris Economon - 73
Frank Goldbold/Jerry Pruden - 76
Flight 2 - Net
Doug McIntire/Mike Munzel - 59
Dennis Van Leeuwen/J. Williams - 63
Flight 3 - Gross
Bill Toney/Tom Bryant                        - 81
Dan Quandt/Bob Hartsfield - 84
Flight 3 - Net
Don Taylor/Rich Didion - 63
Guy Shaha/David Paul - 66

Wild Bunch

June 7 - Balboa
                             Gross  Net
Tom Bailey       33    18.81
Bobby Rains
Charles Lewis
Art Holzman
David Karr        34    20.48
Mike Lane
Ed Windell
Fred Camacho
Ron Jansen      35    20.95
Kurt Nilsson
Walt Peterson
Walter Kleyle
Wally Melik      36    22.18
Dave Anderson
Lanny McConnell
Pat McCullough
Jack Staller     37    22.53
Doug Butler
Bill Magyar
Bob MacKendrick

Couples Golf Group

June 11 - DeSoto Ryder Cup
Flight 1
1st - 67 Norm and Cassandra Groh
2nd - 68 Ralph and Rhonda Haynes
3rd - 70 Kirk and Valerie Shippers (scorecard playoff)
4th - 70 Gary Klein and Kay Gardenhire (scorecard playoff)        
Flight 2
1st - 66 Bobby and Donna Mahle
2nd - 69 Mark and Mary Wallace
3rd - 70 Earl and Judy Workman
4th - 74 Jim and Sharron Montgomery
Flight 3
1st - 68 Gary and Carolyn Jacobs
2nd - 70 Tom and Mary Ann Kennedy
3rd - 72 John and Mary Harper
4th - 73 Rolfe and Jane Fremstad (scorecard playoff)
Flight 4
1st - 70 John and Kim Fisher
2nd -  72 Mike Ricki and Joyce Byers
3rd - 74 Neal and Karen Vinyard
4th - 76 Mario and Jeri Garcia (scorecard playoff)
Flight 5
1st - 69 Tony and Dorla Lipari
2nd -  70 Jack and Jane Wilson
3rd - 71 Jack and Kay Latta
Flight 6
1st - 69 Tom and Cathy Amente
2nd -  72 George and Mary Cupstidr
3rd - 73 Ross and Mary Ann Anderson (scorecard Flight 7
1st - 70 Bryan and Kathleen Witt
2nd -  75 Rob and Trish Baker
3rd - 76  George and Judy Armstrong

MGA 18-Hole

June 12 at Magellan, groups three and four played a four-man scramble, using the gold, silver and white tee boxes.
Group 3 was won by Ron Knocke, Marshall Thomsen and Gus Noble, with a 62.
Group 4 was won by Robert Moore, Greg Palmer, Mike Webster and Bill Gruhn, with a 65.
June 13 at Ponce de Leon, Groups 1 and 2 played a four-man scramble, using the gold, white and blue tee boxes.
Group 1 was won by Jim Oswald, Bob Pinson and George Whitney, with a 55.
Group 2 was won by Anthony Scott, Brad Drake and Neal Vinyard, with a 58.
Scratch played at Ponce de Leon, June 13, playing a two-man Ryder cup event.
First place went to the team of Ed Martin and David Kilbury, with a 70.
If you are looking for an opportunity to improve your game and meet golfers at your level, the Men’s Golf Association is for you.
The Men’s 18-Hole Golf Association (MGA) encourages play of the game of golf, according to USGA rules.
The MGA conducts various tournaments for its members throughout the year. For the latest results, schedules and to sign up, visit www.hsvmga18.com.

MGA 9-Hole

June 9 - Cortez
                             Gross  Net
Ron Clark         32     17.51
Dave Anderson
Ed Windell
Pat McCullough
Fred Carnal      34    17.53
Tony Mayerhofer
Gary Hoff
Tim Rishel       34     17.96
Dan Todey
Ken Bridges
Closest to the pin
Daryl Gress
Jim Miller

Social League

Play at Isabella resulted in a birdie chip-in on Pinta 3, 30 total putts, and two pars for Roxie Harris.
Brenda Kroll also recorded 30 putts and two pars. Ginny Aschenbach had 32 putts, and Social League president Mary Cupstid recorded 33 putts and five pars. Judy Richard came in with 34 putts, two pars and a chip-in on Santa Maria 3. New Social League member Claire Crumpler scored her first par ever on Santa Maria number 7. Karen Bartnett, also new to the Social League, had two pars on her scorecard and a chip-in on Santa Maria 7. Ann Marie Hrusecky came in with a chip-in for birdie on Santa Maria 2.
Social League play will be at Cortez tomorrow. Players should keep count of all putts, pars, chip-ins, birdies, and other accomplishments.
Leave your scorecard in the clubhouse or check with the players in the grill following play.  To play in upcoming Wednesday games go to  the Social League website www.hsvwgasl.com and put in your request.

Lady Duffers

May 31 – Low Individual Score Net
Flight A
1st - Pat Luckey
2nd - Henny Bloemker
3rd - Carol Beaudoin
Flight B
1st - Gerri Miezio
2nd - Delma Jensen
3rd - Tiger Bienstadt and Gigi Spearman
Flight C
1st - Cindy Hagan
2nd - Millie Connelly
3rd - Lynda Bledsoe   
Flight D
1st - Patti Sheppard
2nd - Maxine Bequette
3rd - Norma Coffell
June 14 - Low Individual Score - Gross
Flight A
1st - Karen Bramlett
2nd - Anne Webster
3rd - Evelyn Donnelly
Flight B
1st - Julie Keck
2nd - Cathy Felger
3rd - Pat Luckey
Flight C
1st - Marian LaVelle
2nd - Barb Paprocki
3rd - Pattie Stuber
Flight D
1st - Roberta Minnick
2nd - Kay Dunn
3rd - Patricia Sundell
Birdies - Carol Beaudoin, Pattie Stuber and Debbie Baggett

WGA 18-Hole

June 8 - Waltz 1, 2, 3
First Flight - 1st - Martha McAlister, Sammie Root, Kathy Norris (tie) Cathie Moeller, Rhonda Haynes, Susan Benscriscutto, Beverly Harris 120
Second Flight - 1st -  Kim Fisher, June Markwalter, Janice Harvey 118
Third Flight - 1st -  Karen Tidquist, Mary Ringquist, Mary Harper, Maianne Kaercher 113
Fourth Flight - 1st - Beverly Raskin, June Fikes, Nancy Alm 116
Closest to the pin - Hole 6 – Sandy Belt, Hole 11 – Becki Tetu, Hole 3 – Hole in One – Kay Gardenhire