The local community recently rallied to aid the Heber Springs Humane Society animal shelter with much needed donations. The shelter recently experienced a downturn in their normal supply donations, which threatened shortages in some areas, most critically with food supplies.
"Donations have been down the past month for whatever reason," said Shelter Manager Wendy Hosman.  "Walmart is kind enough to give us their broken bags as well, however the amount of food we've been getting from them has been way down."
Hosman reached out to the community for assistance. After posting on their Facebook page and spreading the message by word of mouth, donations began pouring in.  While Hosman felt the community may help after her plea, she was shocked at the intensity with which it responded.
"I never realized the community would be so generous," said Hosman.  "It's been a huge blessing.  We go through 75-100 lbs of dog food and about 25-35 lbs of cat food a day.  We have 130 mouths to feed right now, so every little bit helps."
The shelter also goes through about 2 gallons of bleach a day as well as about 75 lbs of cat litter.
Hosman reminded the public there are vouchers left for pet spaying and neutering.  
"We have lots of vouchers left," said Hosman.  "If you qualify, it will only cost you $20 for the voucher.  Just come down to the shelter with your proof of income."
For more information on how you can donate to the Heber Springs Humane Society, or to adopt a pet of your own, visit them at 49 Shelter Lane in Heber or give them a call at 501-362-7322.