During the Pangburn School Board meeting Monday evening, outgoing Superintendent, Dr. Kathy Berryhill was honored and recognized by school board members for her service and significant contributions to district children. Dr. Berryhill is semi-retiring, but will continue to serve the district on a part-time basis.
"Dr. Berryhill was exactly what we needed when she came to us. She helped us get through so many projects and has shown nothing but love to this district and this community,” stated School Board President, Mikel McCord.
Board Vice President, Mark Flint stated that the best thing Dr. Berryhill brought to the board was that she put the focus back on the students. “The kids became first,” said Flint.
“You inherited a lot of issues that were not of your own making that you helped us overcome,” commented Board Member, Trey Reaper. “I hope our current administration, faculty and teachers have taken note over the last six years that this is what a true leader does.”
Previous High School Principal, David Rolland, has been selected by the board members to take Dr. Berryhill’s place.
David McKee, Director of Transportation, reported that a school district policy concerning field trips where only 6 or less students are on the trip should be revised to reflect the risk management parameters established by the Arkansas State School Board Association (ASSBA). All students who are engaged in a field trip must be transported in a school bus. School clubs will be responsible for paying the driver of the bus $10/hour and the $2.22/mile for fuel. School policy will be changed to reflect these requirements.
Superintendent Rolland reported on Spring training activities for teachers. Teacher sensitivity training as regards dyslexic children was conducted because more and more children are showing these tendencies. Teachers found the training to be very beneficial for them and for their students.
    The faculty was also trained in the Spark Program, a tool that makes it easier for students and parents to monitor their progression through the curriculum for each class. Rolland commented that teachers were excited about the Spark Program because of its ease of use and flexibility.
“The Student Handbook is in the process of being updated with the recommended ASSBA changes from this past legislative session,” reported Rolland. “One of those changes was that all students must pass the Naturalization Test taken by those who wish to become citizens of the United States to earn a high school diploma.”
Rolland discussed that the ESSA (Every Student Success Act) requirements will begin the 2018-2019 school year.
“Each student will have a student success plan and it will start with Kindergarten,” explained Rolland. “I feel Pangburn is ahead of the game because of the programs we’ve already put into place.”
Starting with the 8th grade, the school district must ensure that college and career requirements are defined in the student success plans. Students will be required to meet standards to pass to the next level of school since there will no longer be a law requiring students to be in school so many hours a day.
The next board meeting will be August 21st at 6:00pm in the high school Media/Library room.