On July 20th Zac Cothren of Cleburne County library system spoke to the CCRC. Cothren has with library system since 2006.
He spoke of the recent opening of the library in Quitman and the positive impact libraries make in all communities.
Cothern is very proud of the Heber Springs library. Because of generous donations by private and public donors the Heber Springs library is completely paid for. The modern day library does not only provide hard copy books to the community, but also provides internet service to the community. The library provides 12 computers in addition to free wi-fi for the community.
In last quarter the library system has:
-Sponsored 113 children's programs. Approximately 2100 children and parents have attended these programs.
 -Approximately 23,00 paper books have been checked out
-5000 hours of computer usage
-1000 people used the Ebook services.
The library also has nearly 1000  Ebooks. E books can be checked out online and must be finished within two weeks.
Future plans for the library system is to provide more technology to children including 3D printers and virtual reality glasses.
The library provides information and resources to everyone in the community to learn and discover.  If you have not visited the local library, we encourage you to do so.
Rotary Club of Cleburne County meets each Thursday a the Red Apple Inn at 7 a.m. For more information please contact Doug Murray, President at 501-362-8602 or at the club website: www.rotary6150.org.