For both Heber Springs residents and tourists alike, the Jitterbug Coffeehouse is widely known as a place for fellowshipping with family and friends, getting delicious locally roasted coffee, caramel lattes and cappuccinos, but throughout the week the Jitterbug Coffeehouse serves a healthy fulfilling lunch.  

The Jitterbug Coffeehouse is in the historical Houston Building located off of Main Street in downtown Heber Springs.  The building was once rumored to be a number of different businesses before becoming the locally famous coffeehouse in the 2000’s.  

Since purchasing the Jitterbug Coffeehouse in 2013 , Searcy naive, Scott Jones has worked hard at bringing not only the best quality of coffee to Heber Springs, but a fantastic lunch as well.  

“When I bought the Jitterbug, they were already doing lunches” said Scott Jones.

“I added a few sandwiches like the smoked turkey avocado, our regular and spicy pimento grilled cheeses, a salad, more soups, and some minor changes to existing recipes” Jones continued.  

Though, there are several items to choose from, one of the most popular and healthy lunch items is the smoked turkey avocado sandwich.  

“It’s hickory smoked turkey, cheddar cheese, fresh avocado spread, lettuce, tomato, on whole wheat bread” said Jones.  

Another hit for the Jitterbug Coffeehouse has been the House Salad.  

Made with fresh Spring mix lettuce, homemade chicken salad, sliced avocados, cherry tomatoes, and topped off with oil and vinegar dressing, the House Salad complements the Jitterbug’s lunch dishes.

“Our House Salad has been great this summer” said Jones.  

The Jitterbug Coffeehouse serves lunch from 11am to 2pm Monday through Saturday.