In 1977 Jim and Kay Lambert, along with son's Craig, Chris, and Curt relocated to Heber Springs. Almost immediately they became involved in what came to be known as the Greers Ferry Lake Ministries. Lambert has been a model of consistency for 40 years now. The services are held every Sunday from Memorial Day to Labor Day in the JFK recreation area and are open to the public. Though Lambert has been the driving force behind the longevity of the ministry and its success, he has had many friends help along the way. Bill and Gail Baldwin's encouragement at Critical times kept Lambert focused and motivated.

The Heber Unsung Award was created to recognize people who have selflessly worked in a Volunteer capacity over a long period of time. It is for those who have not received enough recognition for all they have achieved. Jim Lambert fits that criteria perfectly. We at First National Bank are proud to acknowledge this Unsung hero for all he has done for our area. Congratulations Jim Lambert!