A special school board meeting was called by the Quitman School District and held on Monday, July 31, 2017. The board members present were Susan Johnson, President; Randy Bridges, Vice President; Julie Varvil, Secretary; and, board members Daniel Wright and Kristi McClung.
    An executive session was immediately called to consider personnel changes for the school district and then the board reconvened. Motions made and approved by the board effecting personnel changes were: the acceptance of the resignation of LeAnn Colvin, K-12 Art teacher; the hiring of Lanelda Caples for Elementary Librarian; and, the naming of Brandon Burgener as Head Baseball Coach.
    Old Business included the approval of a monthly stipend of $250 to be paid to Dennis Ezell, who heads up school maintenance, for the use of his personal vehicle when performing school business.  
    The End of Year field trip reward policy was changed to read, “An End of the Year activity will be planned as a reward. All students will begin the school year with one (1) point in their Good Behavior Bank. Students can earn an additional point each quarter for receiving no discipline (pink) slips. If a student receives a discipline slip, he/she loses one (1) point from their Good Behavior Bank for each slip. In order for a student to participate in the End of the Year Reward Activity, he/she must not have a negative balance in their Good Behavior Bank at the time of the activity. The Good Behavior Bank balance for each student will be kept in the office and shared on each individual student’s report card.”
    Board members unanimously approved the Student Handbook for the 2017-18 school year. Additionally, the board approved a change to the Career Tech teacher contract for Shannon King rescinding the $250 stipend paid when she is required to supervise CTE testing. The state is not requiring testing for this school year.