As the meeting got underway Sharron Williams, city council person expressed what a great job Marty Martelli, and his men had done on the trucks recently.

They went over minutes, financial reports and supervisors reports, then moved into covering old business. This included discussion of the water bonds and parks department report.

The millage rate was discussed and remained unchanged at the current time. Currently it is at 4.1. A recommendation was made to table this discussion until the meeting on Tuesday, October 31 to discuss the budget.

The next item was on the encroachment issue on property that has been sold but being delayed until an ordinance is passed to grandfather the building in.

The employee handbook was revised and was given to the council. Some of the changes were made to keep them abiding by new laws, such as the medical marijuana law. Mayor Jimmy Clark told Martha Garrett, Human Resources and Rebecca Prince that he appreciated all the hard work they had put into it. Terry Lynn, City Attorney said he would prepare an ordinance for this. Jim Lay said they could go ahead and put it to a vote to approve it upon receipt of the ordinance.

Paula Sporn discussed the Ozark Trail Festival that was a huge success. She thanked Stacey Mills, parks department director, for the great work they did keeping the park picked up during the event. Clark said the best part was that they donated $7,000 to The CALL.

Kasey Griffin reminded everyone that Saturday, October 28 would be After Dark in the Park, “The parade starts at 5 p.m. and the costume contest at 5:30.”

Jim Lay said he and Harold Williams would be at Trunk or Treat with a game for people to guess their weight. “Harold will be holding up a sign with my weight and I will be holding one with his on it. You can’t miss.”

The First Baptist Church is also going to have a carnival, said Louis Short for people to attend, free of charge. Short also said the haunted house is also going on, it’s not free but we are donating to the Humane Society from the proceeds.

Charlie Evans, airport manager, said they were still awaiting results from the runway test but it looked like it would be good.

A citizen spoke up during the open mike time to bring up the deer issue, again. He said, according to his insurance agent there were over 22,000 car and deer accidents. He wants to see something done about this. He discussed the ⅛ cent sales tax that was to help the game and fish commission. He then asked the council to present a resolution to retract the sales tax. He continued to complain against those who oppose the death penalty.

Mayor Clark thanked him for his comments. With no other announcements the meeting was adjourned.