The Heber Springs City Council met recently in their regularly scheduled meeting. City council person, Rebecca Prince announced that due to the recent sale of their home she and her family will be moving out of her ward. “With a little bit of sadness I must tender my resignation as alderman for Ward 3.” She explained the council would appoint someone to take her place and she had great confidence they would appoint someone good and worthy to serve the people of Ward 3. Prince thanked the Mayor, the council, department heads. “It has been a privilege to serve along side each and everyone of you. I’m excited to start this new chapter in my life.” said Prince.

Mayor Jimmy Clark said, “Rebecca has been such a wonderful asset to the council and the community.” Clark went on to thank Prince for all her efforts for the community. He also praised Prince and alderman Kasey Griffin for single handedly putting on the Zombie Walk and for it being the single largest event held downtown. Both Prince and Griffin thanked their husbands for all their help as well.

Moving on the council approved the minutes for the regular and special meetings held. The payments journal was approved next.

A question was brought up about rescheduling the Heber Night Out and the Chief said they were going to reschedule it for Spring.

Discussion regarding 22 deer that had been killed during the citywide hunt.

The council then approved the reappointment of Bert Eddington to the Water Commission. Clark said, “Bert does a wonderful job with the commission.”

The council then voted to change the January meeting to January 25 due to the Municipal League Convention going on January 10-12.

The 2018 budget resolution was read and approved.

The Animal Control Committee was accepted to be Zach Carlisle, Wendy Hosman, Chris Foster and Kasey Griffin.

Frank Wemberly with the Parks Commission and Trails Council then addressed the council, thanking them for their support of trails. He told the council there were a lot of trails projects in the works right now. Two years ago a grant was received from the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department. The grant was $45,000, it was an 80-20 grants which puts it up to $54,000, of which $9,000 of the matching had been raised. He explained what the grant was intended for was going to be too costly. There is a bridge involved and other factors that may this plan unfeasible. They have been working on  another plan which will give more trail for the money spent. He went on to discuss bicycle trails and cyclists and ideas to create more awareness for pedestrians and cyclists. He distributed materials to explain what he the trails plan more thoroughly. Wemberley said they would have to get the changes approved by the grant committee. After some discussion the council approved changes to the plan.

He offered to give the council a tour of the masterplan, then go to Sugarloaf Mountain and walk along the trail. “We need 120% promotion from the city,” Wemberly said. He went on to say he hoped the council would get more involved with the trail system.

Clark explained that, “The trail will go from the sports complex to the college, it’s nature oriented, has nine outer planned routes and we need to get the passion and see what this can be.”

Clark announced the Christmas Parade would be at 6 p.m. on December 2. Clark thanked Prince again for her service and Kasey Griffin said she wanted to thank public works for painting the stripes on the parking lot.

With all business concluded the meeting was adjourned.