The Heber Springs City Council met before the Christmas Holiday for their regularly scheduled meeting. Mayor Jimmy Clark opened the meeting followed by a prayer and pledge of Allegiance. Moving into the agenda they approved the minutes from the last meeting as well as the payment of the bills.

Mayor Clark expressed thanks again to Rebecca Prince for her work on the council and welcomed Ali Sugg to the council. While Sugg was not sitting on the council during this meeting due to having to be sworn in first. Clark said they would do this after the meeting. Alderman Jim Lay expressed that they had several good candidates for the position. Suggs appointment was unanimous.

“I am honored and humbled to be appointed to serve on the Heber Springs City Council.  I look forward to working with every member of the council on behalf of all Heber Springs residents.  I love Heber Springs-  it’s where my husband and I chose to raise our family and where we chose to build our businesses.  I want to see this town grow and thrive and I’m excited to be a part of the future of Heber Springs.” said Sugg.

The next order of business dealt with an amendment to the Heber Springs Employee handbook dealing with compensatory time. Vacation, sick and compensatory time can only be taken in hourly segments. Vacation, holiday and compensatory must be taken by the end of the year, sick pay can be carried over. The Fire Department is the exception, they may carry over up to 480 hours. Martha Garrett, Human Resources explained the changes. The council approved the amendment.

Clark then discussed the latest Legislative Audit Review and said it was favorable. The council voted that they reviewed the audit and approved it.

Paul Muse then read a resolution to amend the municipal budget because of a misskey in a line item regarding salaries. The resolution was approved. The Parks budget was also amended adding $1,299 to its budget.

They council then discussed a petition that had been made to the Planning and Zoning Commission regarding a rezoning. Doug Perry explained that the property in question is located in a hole and the only way to access it is to cross from an R3 to C2. The Commission feels the best use for the property which is below Front to the North of Mike Irvin’s office 30 feet below the highway. R3 is residential that accepts multi-family, hotels and motels. The property between this property and Broadway is R3. It has been discussed making Broadway a secondary thoroughfare to the highway.

With no more business before the council, the meeting was adjourned.

Ali Sugg was then sworn in by Ann Santel.