The Cleburne County Quorum Court declared a vacancy in the Office of Justice of the Peace, Four (4), due to the passing of JP Willie Stone on November 30. 


County Judge Jerry Holmes  said, “ I was thinking while coming down the mountain, what do you say at our last meeting of the year ? Personally, I'd like to say that, this year like all the others I have enjoyed working with all of you and look forward to starting next year. Tonight is bittersweet because we have to declare a vacancy.”  


“We have all worked with Willie, those of you who went to ththe funeral, it was unimaginable to see all the people there. What else can you say?” Holmes coontinued. He felt this show what Stone meant to the community. A moment was taken to allow prayers for the Stone family. 


The minutes of the last meeting and treasurer’s report were approved followed by a brief report regarding the Employee Handbook. 


Moving on the resolution declaring a vacancy was read by Justice Chad Evans. After one correction, the resolution was approved.  


Justice Alan Malone read an appropriation ordinance amending a former ordinance to reflect changes in the Cleburne County Clerks office regarding the matching fund regarding health insurance and a moving of funds in the Assessor’s offic. 


County Clerk Rachelle Evans explained why this increase was needed. The first part of the ordinance reflected the change in a part time employee to a full time employee, as well as matching funds for health insurance matching funds. 


Tax Assessor Judy Land  explained that her change was reflecting taking funds out of the overtime budget into part time salaries line. There was a $0.00 total change. The ordinance passed unanimously. 


The third ordinance that was read was an amendment to the ordinance regarding longevity payment for full time county employees and elected county wide (not including Justices of the Peace and County Surveyor) who have five or more years uninterrupted service based on the anniversary date of hire. Employees with 0-5 years receive no longevity page, more than five but less than ten shall receive $250, 10 or more but less than 15 shall receive $500, 15 ore more but less than 20 receive $750, employees with 20 years or more receive $1,000. 


Justice Steve Choate asked questions regarding to previous ordinances that conflicted with this ordinance. Justice Sam Henegar explained what this ordinance was for and the Attorney General’s opinion on it. Henegar explained that the ordinance this one was amending was to correct gaps that were in the ordinance. 

After more explaination from County Attorney Drew Smith the ordinance was voted on with Tim Caldwell, Brent Faust and Choate voted no and Lance Reynolds, Chad Evans, Sam Henegar, Alan Malone, Mike Lange and Jessie Pate voting yes. 


The final order of business was a report of disposal of surplus property concerning two pieces of property that were recently disposed of. 


A citizen spoke up regarding not being able to hear during the meeting and Holmes said they would try to get that corrected after the first of the year. 


The next meeting will be held January 11, 2018.