The Quitman City Council met Monday night with a short agenda which included discussion about a solution to the ambulance service they will be losing in May due to Northstar pulling out their service due to lack of profitability. Sam Pike, an advanced EMT presented a draft proposal, including by-laws should they decide to go back to a volunteer rescue program. Pike said to prevent lack of coverage time they would set up a schedule at monthly meetings.

Mayor Cyndi Kerr admitted they don’t have a lot of options. She has spoken with Judge Jerry Holmes on the subject too.

Kerr said Medic One who is over Van Buren County wants to look at the numbers from Northstar. They are possibly interested in putting a truck here. Van Buren County does bid service to have an ambulance service and Medic One was who won the bid. Kerr has sent them a map and is sending the number of runs when she receives them. She had also spoken with Donald Schell of Northstar and he is willing to sign over if needed.

Kerr, along with several council members expressed her appreciation for all the work Pike had done putting the presentation together. They then decided to table the subject until the next meeting when more information could be gathered.

The next item was to appoint a new council member to replace Michelle Johnson. There were two candidates Sam Pike and Tonia Shue. They went into executive session to discuss who to appoint. They called each applicant in for another short interview and then came out to announce their appointment. Kerr said, “We love both of you and are ecstatic that you wanted to do this.” She discussed how difficult it sometimes is to find people who want to participate in city government. Each council member said how much they appreciated what both applicants could offer the city. They then announced they would appoint Tonia Shue to the position.

They then read a Rules and Procedure Resolution that stated the meetings would continue to be on the 2nd Monday of each month at 6 p.m.

With no more business, they adjourned.