The Corps of Engineers will close both lanes of Highway 25 across Greers Ferry Dam from 8:30 a.m. until 7 p.m. Jan. 17 and Jan. 18, weather permitting, to move work platforms needed to refurbish the tainter gates. Alternative route will be highways 16 and 92 around the west side of the lake.

One lane will continue to remain closed while the rehab work is performed.  The single lane closure is scheduled through spring 2018.

As work progresses, additional road closures, of up to two days, will be scheduled about every three weeks to move equipment.

The closure has been coordinated with local emergency and law enforcement agencies.  Officials from the Army Corps of Engineers Greers Ferry Project Office regret any inconvenience this may cause.  If you are traveling in this area, please expect delays, obey traffic lights, and operate cautiously around equipment and work crews.

For more information, contact the Greers Ferry Project Office at 501-362-2416.

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 The extremely cold weather is fueling demand for hydroelectricity at our White River dams.  This power demand and the lack of significant rainfall will result in a continual lowering of the lake levels in coming days and possibly weeks.

As a result, the Corps is advising boat dock owners to keep an eye on their docks and move them as needed to prevent them from grounding as the lakes recede.

Hydropower is a major mission of the Army Corps of Engineers, the largest operator of hydropower plants in the United States.

The Corps' Little Rock District operates seven hydropower plants, in Arkansas and Missouri, producing enough energy to serve 1.4 million households annually returning nearly $94.3 million to the U.S. Treasury from the sale of electricity marketed by the Southwestern Power Administration.

When asked about who gets the electricity generated, the response was, "the electricity is marked by the Southwestern Power Administration and is sold to electric coops in the region."

Hydropower, a clean renewable reliable efficient energy source, which does not produce greenhouse gasses, provides electricity at the flip of a switch during peak energy use times.

The Corps said that the lake side of the dam will most affect the lake side.  Dockowners should only have to move them (docks) as the lake level falls and again when the lake levels climb in the future.