The Cleburne County Quorum Court passed two ordinances at their recent meeting which was almost all county business they had to discuss.

After a report from JP Chad Evans regarding the recent meeting of the Employee Policies and Procedure Manual-Handbook Committee which discussed clarifying a few parts of the handbook regarding working hours and lunch in the county offices. As usual, the Road department and Sheriff’s departments are different because of their longer hour work schedules. They also discussed that only full time employees are eligible for vacation and medical insurance. The committee also discussed overtime and comp time to clarify those in the handbook.

Evans said, “We are getting really close, I hope to send out the handbook for review before the next Quorum Court meeting.”

Judge Jerry Holmes thanked Evans and the committee for all the hard work they had put into the handbook.

There was no unfinished business so JP Alan Malone read the first Ordinance, the 2018 Organizational Ordinance which said they would conduct meetings and after discussion of a word left out of Section 8 they adopted the ordinance as amended.

The second ordinance was read by JP Chad Evans regarding amending the court building budget, maintenance and service contracts budget from $8,000 to $24,200, an increase of $16,200 due in part to service contracts and maintenance costs going up each year. Evans said Greg Hutto said he wasn’t touching the boiler system.

In a previous meeting discussion had been made regarding the matching funds for municipalities with rural fire departments. JP Jesse Pate asked about extending the date for them to raise the matching funds to the end of the year. The county matches funds up to $750 for the 11 fire departments.

JP Evans said if there was anything that the members wanted to suggest after looking over the handbook to please give him a call.

County Clerk Rachelle Evans reminded the elected officials that