The  City Council met for a special called meeting on January 30, 2018 at 5:30 PM. with three items of new business on the agenda. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Jimmy Clark and the first item, the purchase of two new sanitation trucks was proposed. Two quotes were introduced, one from River City Hydraulics, with a total purchase price of $284,500 and the other from Arkansas Municipal Equipment at a total cost of $272,800. Both were for two trucks.  After much discussion among members it was decided to purchase the two from Arkansas Municipal Equipment. The City would make a $50,000 down payment and finance the rest for five years in annual payments. These payments would be approximately $43,000.00 to $45,000.00 per year. The total liability for this year would be about $104,000.00. These funds would come from the sanitation budget. Delivery of the first truck would be immediately and the second one, the end of March or early April. With the purchase of the new trucks the sanitation Department would have five operational trucks and two problematic trucks would be traded in towards the purchase of the new. A motion was made to allow the Mayor to purchase the new trucks, financed through Eagle bank at 2.76 percent interest. The motion was carried.
   The next item of business was a Coca Cola Contract for the Ball Park. The contract would be for a ten year term with a $20,000.00 up front payment, a sponsorship payment of $1000.00 a year ($10,000.00 over the ten year contract), $6000.00 for two ice machines and $6300.000 over the term for merchandising and promotions.  The Coca Cola Contract would save $5000.00 a year over the current contract with Pepsi. The contract passed.
     The last item on the agenda was the hiring a a full time employee for the Community Center. The aquatic center has been understaffed leaving the door unattended at certain key times resulting in lost revenue. The starting wage would be $8.75 an hour. This motion passed as well.