Jan Morgan spoke to a full house Saturday night at the Cleburne County Fairgrounds. The event, a Fundraiser for a Scholarship sponsored by the Cleburne County Republican Women for disadvantaged girls from area schools began with a chili supper and a dessert auction. Morgan was introduced by State Representative Josh Miller who is serving his third term in the Arkansas House of Representatives.

Miller began by stating "I am proud to be the first legislator to come out in support of Jan Morgan". Miller said he is planning on running for another term since he has found someone of like mind to put forth a balanced budget and that Morgan is well supported within the state.

Morgan, an Independent Constitutional Conservative, who is challenging Governor Asa Hutchinson for the GOP nomination in a primary election in May, 2018,  began by thanking everyone for coming and stating it was an honor for her to be a part of the scholarship efforts.  She said this is an exciting time for the Republican party, they have a choice between a progressive establishment RINO, (Republican in name only) and a constitutional conservative. Morgan served on the Executive Board of the Arkansas State Baptist Convention, is a Fox News Political Analyst, is a small business owner, an Arkansas State Police and NRA certified firearms instructor and National Spokesperson for Citizens for Trump. Morgan went on to point out the ways she differs from Governor Hutchinson.  She stated that over one term Hutchinson increased spending over 600 million dollars, and that is not conservative government, nor is it acceptable. She is asking for large scale tax reform making government more efficient and with less spending. Further, on  tax issues she says Governor Hutchinson did cut taxes on military retirement but then redistributed them causing a tax increase of 5.9 million dollars. Arkansas has the third highest combined rates of state and local taxes in the country and the highest rate for individual income tax in the region.

Morgan also states that she is all about the Rule of Law. " I support Law Enforcement", Morgan claims that in certain circumstances judges have abdicated the laws of the state and federal government in favor of Sharia Law. She said a a bill was passed by the Arkansas Senate prohibiting the use of any foreign laws, but without Hutchinson's signature.  She said that Arkansas is a constitutional state and, "Jan Morgan as Governor will never support any foreign law in the state of Arkansas". She also spoke about Immigration and said, "I support legal immigration in our state", I do not support sanctuary cities or sanctuary campuses within our state. Morgan said she believes consideration should be given to pulling state funding from sanctuary cities who do not uphold the rule of law. She claims Hutchinson opposed efforts to restrict sanctuary campuses and by doing so is more concerned about the people here illegally than he is about the safety of our citizens.

On the issues of jobs and small businesses, Morgan said the business climate needs improvement, tax and regulatory relief is needed. "Jan Morgan will not be going over to China offering communists our money and our state on a silver platter in exchange for jobs". She said that a free market choice is necessary in which businesses succeed on their own merit and not by influence from political connections or establishments. Its Morgans belief that to have economic growth you first have to have economic freedom and to achieve this deregulation is necessary.


On Education Morgan said competition works well for schools. When they have to compete for students they will do better thus giving the parents a better choice for their child. She wants to bring back vocational training in High schools to provide skills needed in the workforce, that we need people in all walks of life trained in all areas.


As a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment supporter Morgan has lobbied against gun control activists nationally. Arkansas is a concealed carry state per article 2, section 5: The citizens of this state shall have the right to keep and bear arms for their common self defense. Morgan, a gun control opponent believes that in a free society, all citizens should have this right. As a gun range owner, Morgan made National news by declaring her business a ' Muslim Free Zone' in 2014.


Morgan ended by stating that if the people choose her to become the Republican nominee " We will defeat the Democrats, we need to get this state restored to the people".