"12 Baywood -- Theatre in the Ground" announces its new production, "The Dining Room", set for March 22-25 at its 12 Baywood Drive location in Heber Springs.

"12 Baywood", a residential basement venue, is fast becoming recognized as the cultural center of the county.  Dare we say it? -- the state.   Perhaps even  --  yes, -- the country...

The theatre did productions of "Beginner's Luck" and "God's Favorite" last year, and each performance was played before packed audiences, but that is not saying very much as the room only holds twenty-six patrons.  The viewers, however, definitely get their money's worth; there is no admission fee. Refreshments are also free, but there is a catch. Jeff Craddock, theatre founder and director, invites the patrons to make donations at the end of the performance. The money is then passed on to the designated local charity recipient for the production. "Freedom Way Hill of Hope Homeless Ministries" will receive the funds from "The Dining Room", as did "Breakin' Bread" and "The Other Side" for last year's shows.


"The Dining Room" by A.R. Gurney Jr. is one of the most familiar titles in the modern theater lexicon. All the scenes in the show take place in the dining room of one house, but the story traces the family owners of that house from the 1930s to the 1980s. The ten players in the show each perform about four roles, characters whose ages range from about seven to seventy.  Quite a challenge for amateur theatrics.


But Craddock says this cast is not a bunch of beginners. He promises that the audiences will  be amazed at the talent appearing in this production. "I have done considerable professional theater," says Craddock, "and several players in this show could do it as their day job". The cast includes local favorites Alyce Chapin, Kasey Goddard, John Goddard, Richard Nordskog, Carolyn Burrall, Jean Ann Lee, Morris Taylor, Gretchan West, Holly Langster and Craddock.

The Thursday and Friday performances  of this poignant comedy are at 7PM. The Saturday performances are at 2 and 7PM. The Sunday show is at 2PM.  Due to limited, but very comfortable seating, reservations are required. Call 501 270 1450 or 501 206 6868 to have your seats in "The Dining Room".