Friday, May 20th, President Trump left on his first foreign trip since taking office. His stops included the Middle East where he met with leaders of the Arab nations in Saudi Arabia, then on to Israel, the Vatican, a G7 conference and Brussels for NATO discussions. He covered many of the bases which concern the world today: Islamic radicalism; Peace in the Middle East; North Korea; Climate Change; International Trade among others. He left behind, although temporarily, a sea of hate and discontent in his own country promoted by a rudderless Democratic Party aided and abetted by the national media.

The cacophony from the left began immediately after they realized that Trump, the candidate they had derided as a loser during the campaign, had miraculously wrested the presidency from Hillary’s clutches. Since then they’ve been in denial and are still struggling to understand how their anointed one lost. They were so confident in victory that their only explanation for their defeat had to be something other than themselves. They demonstrated their cluelessness with street demonstrations, rioting and the destruction of property which, in some cases, belonged to many of their own supporters while they behaved like 2 year olds having hissy fits. What have their temper tantrums accomplished? Absolutely Nothing! Just the sowing of more unnecessary hate and discontent!

As the Democrats continue to crumble in a disarray of disbelief, they haven’t even been able to decide who is leading their own party during interviews with the still fawning media. Their party chairman, Debby Wasserman-Schultz was forced to resign in disgrace following the leaking of e-mails which confirmed Bernie Sanders complaint that his own party had stacked the deck in Hillary’s favor. Then, in order to distract the public and to deter criticism of their own transgressions, they promoted the claim that the leak resulted from ‘Russian hacking to help Trump’ despite their failure to produce any tangible evidence to support their claim. However, like any good lapdog, the media jumped on it and they’ve ridden that pony to exhaustion while downplaying or ignoring the evidence that the e-mails were leaked from within the DNC by their own staff.

Adding misery to their plight was the earlier discovery that CNN had stacked the deck against Trump during the debate by leaking the questions to Hillary in advance through the interim DNC chairman, Donna Brazile, who was also forced to resign after admitting the allegations were true despite weeks of denial. More underhandedness from the elites!

Meanwhile in California, the Chairman of the state’s Democratic Party, John Burton, just celebrated his retirement at their annual convention by extending his two middle fingers in the air while leading the membership in a “F—k Trump” chant as Nancy Pelosi stood on the sidelines laughing! So, apparently the Democrats’ new definition of leadership is dropping ‘F’ bombs! What an incredible display of sophomoric immaturity.

Now, the latest recently elected Chairman of the Democrat National Committee, Tom Perez, has gone on record with the media saying that the Democrats will not support any Pro-Life Democrats running for office and that Pro-Lifers are no longer welcome in their party! The Democrats’ leadership has decided that supporting Abortion is the new litmus test to join their party or to remain in it. Apparently if you Don’t agree with killing babies you need to resign your membership! With all the issues surrounding us in 2017, Abortion is the key reason to be a Democrat today! Wow!

In Georgia, a Democrat candidate who doesn’t even live in the district he wants to represent threw 4 times more money into the race than any other candidate but, couldn’t swing the victory leading to a run-off next month. Please note that 95% of the funds he raised for his campaign came from Outside the state. As a non-resident, he can’t even vote in the election for the position he’s running for!

On September 10th during her campaign Hillary, stated that, “you could put half of Trump’s supporters into…..a basket of deplorables! They’re Racist, Sexist, Xenophobic, Islamaphobic….”! Then, after acting like a schoolyard bully putting down her opponent’s supporters, she is still Unable to understand why she lost. She was maligning people, their friends, family and co-workers with unsubstantiated slurs! Not a great way to win friends and influence potential swing voters. Hello! Earth to Hillary – YOU blew it, Not the Russians!

No, I’m not making this stuff up. Insane as it sounds, this is how the leadership of the Democrats has deteriorated over the Obama/Clinton years. Their irrational behavior has cost them over 1, 042 seats in national, state and local offices as they continue to concentrate on fringe groups to the exclusion of main stream America. They cannot understand one basic simple fact: We didn’t leave the Democrats – They left Us!

I would love to hear from some of the remaining Democrats in Cleburne County regarding the following questions: Why are you still in the party? Will you remain a Democrat? Do you still attend church while promoting abortions? Do you approve of the riots and destruction by the anti-Trump demonstrators? Do you agree with the hypocritical statements by your party’s leaders? Lately all I hear from the Democrats is baseless anti-Trump rhetoric. When you ask for specifics you get – Nothing!

End of rant. Have a blessed week!

(Mike Bertalot is a Quitman resident and contributes 'With a Grain of Salt' biweekly to The Sun Times. He can be reached at