This week's Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, 

Lies matter more than ninety nine percent of Americans realize.

Outgoing president Obama has done more destruction to this nation than the preceding 43 presidents combined.  His egotistical arrogance has fueled the media to claim he has done some great accomplishments, such as, nothing.

Ten trillion dollars is more money than anyone can comprehend.  Obama’s Nazi enslavement of our children is unconscionable. 

These Democrat liars claim to have produced millions of jobs which is simply a big black lie.

Our counterfeit conservative  governor Hutchinson said he would oppose Obamacare, but he rounded up tens of thousands of able bodied unemployed uninsured Arkansans and put them on welfare; “Arkansas Works”  Not a little white lie, but a big black lie.  The governor and state legislature claim to be “conservative” Republicans.  Anyone capable of knowing day from night knows these imposters are fake conservatives.

It’s the lowest of the low when the state of Arkansas takes children from their families without legal process, cause or justification to get federal funding to place them in foster homes.

Wake up freedom loving Americans.   The Nazis are working feverishly here inArkansas.  As I write this letter 12:30 p.m Saturday, there’s a commercial running on AETN seeking foster parents.  Godless, but this is the system at work in Arkansas by these Nazi Republicans.  Most Arkansas media support and defend this Nazism.

This writer takes no pleasure in calling a spade, a spade, a lie, a lie nor a Nazi, a Nazi.   May Jesus  help us to know and do the truth.

Jim Glover

Heber Springs