Dear Editor, 

Christmas 2014 was one of those miracle answers to prayer.  My oldest daughter and her husband, son and two daughters left North Carolina bound for Heber Springs. My son-in-law is a veteran stationed in Ft. Bragg. 

The family drives straight through to Heber Springs and back the same way.

They left home about sun down Christmas Eve and were doing fine on I-40 until they reached the Great Smoky Mountains east of Ashville, NC.. Their Chevrolet suburban was loaded with family, clothes and gifts.  Then the most unexpected happened; the drive shaft broke.

Thanks to cell phones, they called 911 for help and then they called us explaining their situation. All our family and face book friends were called for prayers.

A North Carolina state trooper came to the families assistance.  He loaded the family, except my son-in-law who waited for a tow truck, into his car and carried them back to Black Mountain, the nearest town where they got a motel room.  There was a Denny’s restaurant connected to the motel.  The family settled down safely and with food.

Christmas day arrived with our loved ones far from home.  There were no garages, parts stores or anything open on Christmas day.  We waited and prayed they would find help tomorrow.

Late in the evening, my son-in-law went over to Denny’s to ask what time they would close.  He told the day manager their situation.  The manager told my son-in-law his dad had a little garage at his house and maybe he had a drive shaft that would fit the suburban.  The manager left the restaurant and carried my son-in-law to his dad’s home where they found 3 drive shafts and to their amazement one was a match.

They went back to the motel where their suburban was.  My 15 year old grand son crawled under the vehicle with the shaft, bolted it up and believe it or not, they were home bound.

My son-in-law tried to pay for the drive shaft but the nice manager would not hear to it.  One of the greatest Christmas presents the family has ever been given. 

The family set sail for Heber Springs where they arrived safely a day after intended.  We know only God could have brought this all to pass.  We call it a Christmas miracle 

Jim Glover

Heber Springs