Dear Editor,

I used to enjoy writing letters to the editor a few years ago about the things that bothered me. When I got in my 90’s, I decided I couldn’t change the world and quit writing. Now I am almost 96 years old and here I go again.

Last week I was told about my 14 year old great-grandson that went to apply for his drivers permit and was asked to sign his name. My great-grandson is a very good student, high grades, quite popular, has parts in the school play each year. Still he didn’t know how to sign write his name in long hand.

I understand he started to initial it and they told him he had to sign his full name in cursive writing. My grandson said he didn’t know how. They had to show him how.

That made the hair stand up on the back of my neck, as judge Judy would say.

A couple years ago we celebrated his birthday and I had written a note on his birthday card and handed it to him. I saw my grandson smile and hand it to someone sitting by and said, “I can’t read her writing.”

My handwriting was still pretty good. So I was shocked when he said he couldn’t read my writing. That’s how I found out he couldn’t read cursive writing. I was so upset to think our school system would such a change and our school boards and parents would let it happen.

We’ve had cursive writing for more years than I can recall. Where did our school go wrong? With all the changes that have been made in our schools and government the last few years what kind of writing will the United States be learning next?

Wake up America!

 Maxine Blanton

Heber Springs