The question may seem obvious but, with the all of the cries of, “Not My President”, a little clarification appears to be in order. With the exception of a fairly slim margin (2.1 % in the popular vote), the truth is Trump Won by every other measurement including the most critical – the Electoral College! Fact: Our President for the next 4 years is Donald J. Trump.

Of almost 137 million votes cast, Clinton won the Popular Vote by 2,864,974. However, Trump won the Electoral vote by 307 to 242! Trump also won 30 states to Clinton’s 20. Even more impressive was the landslide in counties! Out of over 3,100 counties in the U.S. Trump won 2,626 to Clinton’s 487. How about Arkansas? Trump pulled over 2/3’s of the vote (684,872 to Clinton’s 380,494). Here in Cleburne County it was even more lopsided – 9,454 to 2,101 in Trump’s favor!

The Electoral College functioned exactly as it was designed to do by weighting the results with the entire country in mind. Without the Electoral College, only 2 cities in the United States would have decided the election results – NYC and LA! If you subtracted just those two cities Trump would have won the popular vote by over 300,000 votes.

What is the Electoral College? Winners applaud it and losers condemn it. It was established for two reasons: 1st to prevent a charismatic tyrant from seducing an ignorant electorate thereby allowing the creation of a dictatorship and 2nd as a compromise to help smaller states in population have a voice in the national election.

Remember, we are a Constitutional Republic and not a pure Democracy. In a Democracy, if the Majority wanted to take your house from you they could! In a Constitutional Republic you would be Protected against the Majority by the Rule of Law! When you look at our recent election and consider the weight that Only two cities out of the entire country would have had in electing a president, it’s hard to dispute the value of the Electoral system. It worked as the founders planned.

What I find most disturbing is the unwillingness of many to accept Hillary’s defeat. Their mindset is reinforced by some media commentators who seem to deliberately promote division and dissension among their viewers while frequently repeating mindless quotes from entertainment figures who have no concept of what they’re promoting. Would I feel the same way if the positions were reversed and Hillary had won? You betcha! I was not a fan of Obama but, he Was elected President of the whole country just as Trump was. If Republicans had acted up as the Democrats are currently doing I would have been equally as loud in my condemnation of their behavior!

In a recent Letter to the Editor, a writer complained that Hillary had won by nearly 4 million votes (Not True) and that she should be President (also Not True). The writer concluded that the Electoral College was “unconstitutional” and that “our greatest enemy was Donald Trump” sic. By that logic, we should change the rules After the game is played. I doubt if the letter writer really wants us to descend into anarchy after each election with the losing side creating civil disruptions in a fit of pique and refusing to abide by the results? Do we really want congress to be divided by party loyalty with the losing party doing its best to undermine the President as he/she tries to do the job they were elected to do? Or, do we want our representatives to work together and fix problems which are what They were elected to do?

Take it one step further: Should we in Cleburne County have denied that Obama was our President since he lost both our county and the state in 2008 and 2012 by landslides? Where should it stop? Do we really want to riot in the street pitching neighbor against neighbor and turn America into just another 3rd world country? That would be insanity!

The Liberals, Leftists and Democrats (I get confused lately about which is which) seem determined to drive sensible, law abiding people out of their party by their fixation with bathrooms and their refusal to get over their loss. The Democrats only visible goal appears to be the creation of road blocks in the path of progress while Trump works to bring our bloated government back from the brink of bankruptcy!

I think its time for Hillary supporters to wake up, recognize that we’re Americans First and start pulling together. Forget the party – support your country in a united effort to move forward. Put the childish thinking and hissy fits aside and pull up your adult panties. United we Stand and Divided we fall is an adage that is still valid regardless of your party affiliation! Get your act together and while you’re at it, send a few well chosen words to the national media to encourage them to do the same. Don’t make me come up there Kids!

In my next column, assuming The Sun-Times doesn’t terminate my subscription, I plan to list my priorities for our president and his cabinet. You’ll be happy to know they haven’t changed much with the change of administrations.

End of rant. Have a Blessed week!

(Mike Bertalot is a Quitman resident and contributes 'Dusty's Dad' biweekly to The Sun Times. He can be reached at