This column was to be titled, “The Real Facts of Life”; however I was distracted by some murmurings from the left as I was leaning right. It’s amazing! 100 days into President Trump’s 1st term and we still have to contend with irrational voices on the left forsaking the moral ground by mourning his victory. They also continue to blindly laud Obama and subtly blame his failures and Hillary’s loss on racism and the failure of our American culture! Wow! Talk about a Guilt Trip! Guilty? Not I or the overwhelming number of Arkansans and residents of Cleburne County who saw through Obama, the Narcissist in Chief’s, absence of clothes and the Clintons’ long history of corruption. We voted against the party that sponsored them. It was a victory for Middle America and a slap in the face to the ignorant elites who thought they had been anointed by Hollywood to lead the rest of us deplorable ignoramuses! Instead of Hillary being the ‘mommy’, we saw her as ‘Mommy Dearest’. Being wise shoppers, we didn’t Buy the snake oil being sold by the left and advertised by the media so we also missed out on suffering from ‘buyer’s remorse’.

If you look at the balance sheets of the different administrations over the years it becomes readily apparent that Obama has single handedly tried his best to bankrupt our country with his reckless and feckless spending policies. He alone, added 6.576 Trillion dollars to our deficit – almost double what G. W. Bush added during the post 9-11 war years. At least Trump does understand budgeting and has parlayed a modest fortune which included a 40 million dollar inheritance into somewhere between a 4 and 6 billion dollar stake. He also understands and uses the law including the portion relating to bankruptcy. Obama spent money like water whereas Trump knows its value. As an outsider he stands the best chance of draining the Washington swamp that has been draining us, the tax payers and he doesn’t have to prostitute himself like Obama and the Clintons just to earn a buck! Now that the Clintons are out of power you don’t hear much from their ‘foundation’ do you. They can no longer sell influence so they’ve been shutting down some of their structure. Even when it was raking in all of that Middle East and Russian money their ‘foundation’ did little of any significance other than to enrich the Clintons and their close supporters.

Trump came to us like an open book because of his public nature and dynamic personality – part businessman and part showman. Obama shrouded himself in mystery and lies which the media, love struck with a mixed race candidate, conveniently overlooked. Few presidential office seekers arrive at their inaugurations without being closely vetted for all of their dirty laundry but, somehow Obama did. When Hillary first ran against Obama in the 2008 primaries her staff picked up rumors circulating at the time and floated the ‘mystery of Obama’s birth certificate’, a fact lost on many of the foolish leftists who try to shift the blame to Trump who wasn’t running in the election.

May 3, 2017

Trump challenged Obama to produce the document in 2011 and put the rumors pushed by Hillary’s team in their 2008 primary battle to rest. Obama finally did and Trump settled the issue. Tell your leftist friends to verify it in Snopes or anywhere else they would like to use. Remind them to stay away from CNN, MSNBC and the other tabloids.

We’ve heard false claims from the left about the lack of scandals during Obama’s recent administration. Really! I don’t have enough space but, here are just a few: Benghazi, IRS Tea Party, Fast and Furious, Solyndra, Clinton E-mails, Holder held in contempt (1st time a cabinet member ever charged), NSA spying, EPA pollution of Colorado River, GSA spending orgy, Bergdahl prisoner swap, Secret Service scandals, Iran hostage ransom payment, AFCA (Obamacare) failures and bankruptcies, Gruber and Pelosi – Vote 1st then read it and their reliance on “the stupidity of American voters to pass the mess, VA scandal and the selective enforcement of immigration laws! Talk about a list of depressing calamities from one administration. Even worse, the list may continue to grow now that Obama isn’t in a position to block the proceedings. I didn’t even include the loss of Bill and Hillary’s law licenses or Obama and Michelle’s as well!

Trump is trying to clean up leftover messes including a few big ones: North Korea and Iran. He’s applying pressure on both China and the UN to take steps to reign in Kim Jong un. China is finally taking action but, this should have been done during the past 8 years. Do we wait until Kim sends a nuclear bomb toward us or our allies? Yet even this adult action is criticized by some who offer nothing in return.

The one thing we can learn from this recent election is to be careful when listening or reading anything posted by leftist supporters, reporters, columnists or DNC officials. Don’t Buy what they’re telling you, research the facts and take it all with a ‘grain of salt’!

End of rant. Have a blessed week!

(Mike Bertalot is a Quitman resident and contributes 'Dusty's Dad' biweekly to The Sun Times. He can be reached at