If I may be so bold, I am not too impressed with your first one-hundred days. To be honest, I don't think it is really fair to judge someone's job performance on a mere three months of observations. But, if you were flipping burgers somewhere, you probably would have heard “You're fired” by now. If you were selling real estate, you would probably be Salesman of the Month for January, February and March. 

But the piece of real estate you are dealing with today is a bit bigger than you are used to. Your real estate world now extends from the mountains to the prairies, to the oceans white with foam. I own a tiny microscopic pinpoint of that hallowed ground. So does Joe the plumber and farmer Brown and neighbor Nancy. And while you have been wining and dining with potentates at Mar-a-Lago, we have been stacking sandbags against rising flood waters and replanting fields and hauling off dead livestock. And wielding chain saws on the tree that fell on the house down the street. And peeling potatoes at the local feed-the-hungry house. And taking in foster children. And marching, peacefully, for and against whatever causes we believe in, whatever truths we hold to be self-evident. 

It makes us feel angry, insulted even, to keep hearing “We are going to make America great again”. We see greatness every day. You could too, if you would step down from the ivory heights of your Trump towers. You will never see the greatness of mainstream America from behind the protected walls of the White House or from the three million dollar weekends at your “southern White House”. You are definitely convincing us that you only see greatness in dollar signs. If you want us to believe you have our interests at heart, try some executive orders to establish term limits for Congressmen, free housing for Veterans, affordable health insurance, no more tax breaks for the wealthy, reasonably priced medications, low-cost loans for college students, COLAs for Social Security recipients…. We are not looking for an invitation to a weekend in Palm Beach. We are just getting tired of paying for yours. 

Peace be with you. 

(Susan Ruland is a near 40 year resident of Heber Springs. She contributes “Susan Says” each week and can be reached at susansays@suddenlink.net.)