The CEO of my insurance company makes $66,125,208 a year. And he is a long way from being the highest paid CEO in the country [$236,896,191]. We have become numb to such numbers. We have heard about trillions in national debt, or billions for a couple of battleships, or millions of refugees – we cannot really fathom these numbers. We are struggling with the steadily increasing cost of milk and shoes and school supplies.

To make these numbers more recognizable, let's assume that CEO, “Mr. H”, works a forty-hour week. So, he works 261 days a year. That means $253,353.28 a day. Divide by eight hours, and it becomes $31,669.16 an hour. By way of contrast, my Social Security check figures to be $5.99 an hour. He makes more in one hour than my husband and I combined make in one year.  So, I cannot afford his company's Epi Pen.

I am not complaining, mind you. Nor am I suggesting that “Mr. H” is anything less than a worthy individual. Quite possibly he is a model citizen – civic minded, a good family man, philanthropic, honest, hard working, dedicated and loyal, and fiscally responsible in his personal and business life. And coaches a Little League team every summer, and is a past president of the PTA, and has put his life on the line in service to his country.

My resume' is pretty bleak by comparison But to the vast majority of the world's citizens, I live in luxury. To those who struggle to buy bread, my lavish applications of jam or peanut butter or cream cheese or Nutella or cinnamon sugar or mayo or honey or gravy or butter or Cheese Whiz or tuna salad…. Decadent to say the least.

The disparity between the rich and the poor is nothing new. Midas and Marie Antoinette are alive and well. And probably always will be. I am just hoping that those who are currently struggling with the finer points of the new health care plan will keep in mind all the many Susans out there who need an Epi Pen. Those legislators who govern us, who never shy away from voting themselves another raise or another fringe benefit or another perk, will consider designing a plan that they themselves will be subject to.